Can I Speak To Your Manager - Porter - 6.0% ABV

Can I Speak To Your Manager - Porter - 6.0% ABV

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The second entry in our Pretentious Porter series:

"Can I Speak to Your Manager?"

If you've ever worked customer service (or just been around some sassy impatient person at a department store where they were told "no") you may have heard this most horrible phrase. Typically it will come from someone's mouth who is so pretentiously obnoxious that they have to ask for the manager to be told "no," because I guess they think you don't know how to do your job. Or maybe they think that the sun shines out their butt and that they're entitled to that sale that ended last week...

This beer is dedicated to these folk. May you never get what you want... ever!

Velvety smooth and layered with rich chocolate, toffee and sticky caramel. It is rich and full bodied, with a creamy mouthfeel, but yet is delicate and very easy to drink.