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Bottle Shed Beer Availability - 16 November, 2019


In Bottles


Tree Crawler - DIPA - 8.0% ABV - $7.5/btl

****Very small amount left - arrive early if you would like some in bottles****

Tree Crawler is an all Citra double IPA. Built on a bed of oats and english yeast esters, Tree Crawler is our expression of Citra hops when pushed to its fullest. We built a luscious, neutral malt body that supports the heavy hop dosing rate, while also allowing the aromatics to shine. What we’re left with is a deceptively drinkable citric treat.

Tree Crawler leads with prominent orange citrus notes followed closely by candied mango and melon with residual grapefruit and pine. It drinks perceptively sweet, but in actuality finishes on the drier side with a gentle, but satisfying bitterness. 


Mosaic Idaho 7 - IPA - 6.5% ABV - $6.5/btl

It's been a long while since we've used Idaho 7, but we're happy to have it back after a nearly 2 year hiatus from our beers. We decided to blend it with Mosaic for it's first beer back.

We taste apricot, tangerine, papaya with some sticky resin on the finish. 


Dora #17 - IPA - 6.5% ABV - $6.5/btl

Dora is our exploratory series of beers where we mess around with anything/everything from ingredients to process.

This particular version sees us modify our whirlpool additions. 

Hopped with Galaxy and Amarillo, we taste peach, passionfruit and citrus with some residual grapefruit, subtle pine.


The Kid With the Golden Shoes - IPA - 6.5% ABV - $6.5/btl

This beer is named after that awesome kid who attended our first year birthday party and, while in the process of spray painting our "tag it" wall, decided he would upgrade his shoe color to a dazzling gold. Luckily his parents were also pretty cool about the whole DIY shoe upgrade. We love your DIY spirit; stay Golden, kid.

This beer is one of our favorite 2 hop combos: Simcoe/Mosaic. Big notes of tangerine, berry, and dank citrus. Real yummy mc yummerton 


On Draft

Distorted Re(ale)ity - Pale Ale - 5.6% ABV - $6/12oz

We’re a couple of idiots who thought it was a good idea to open a brewery in an old retrofitted calf barn (the jury is still out on the intelligence of this move). We make a lot of different beers in very small batches, but between our tasting panel of 2 childhood friends and 1 wife, we’ve determined that this is the recipe we like most. It’s hazy, juicy, and fruity with notes of peach, berry and citrus delivered on a cloud-like pillow for your mouth. It’s all the things we love in a hoppy beer, and it’s one of our OG recipes.


Dora #17 - IPA - $6/12oz

Mosaic Idaho 7 - IPA - $6/12oz